Whipping It Up
by Steve Thompson

Whipping It Up

05/07/17 - 08/07/17

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

With Christmas just a week away and the country winding down for its annual holiday, Parliament is in a state of turmoil over a controversial bill.  Behind closed doors, the already unstable boat is being rocked by MP's willing to rebel against their party's line and, in turn, cause a leadership coup.  It's up to the Whip's office to convince them to conform and no tactic is out of bounds;  Paying a bar tab, promise of promotion, even emotional blackmail, will all come in handy when the acid-tongued Chief and his team set their sights on a constituency representative who dare stand up to them. Steve Thompson's comedy debuted at the Bush Theatre, London in 2006, with casting lead by Richard Wilson, and remains as relevant (if not even more so) in the current political climate! 'Whipping It Up' shows how Westminster may run the country, but it's the Whips who run Westminster 'the sharpest new comedy of the year' - The Daily Telegraph. 'A vitriolic political comedy that makes the average alligator pond look like a health spa' - Sunday Times

Contains very strong language.


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