Up 'n' Under
by John Godber

Up 'n' Under

08/05/10 - 15/05/10

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

The story revolves around a bet on a rugby league match. Our hero, Arthur, drawn into the situation by some hilariously macho nonsense, has to coach a team chosen by Reg, coach of local top dogs The Cobbler's Arms.

Naturally Reg chooses a team that has experienced less success than most of England's national sports teams..combined. Reg chooses The Wheatsheaf Arms.

The story follows Arthur's attempts to kick this ragged bunch of misfits into some kind of shape. It's clearly going to be a difficult task. Anybody who has played amateur sport will probably be cringing inwardly at these scenes. Training for The Wheatsheaf Arms consists of little more than trading banter in the changing room and exercising their arms lifting pints in the pub.

These are the kind of set-pieces that explain why John Godber is so good at what he does. You can't help but laugh at the comedy, but at the same time you're aware it's also functioning as social comment.
As training goes from bad worse, Arthur enlists the help of fitness guru, Hazel, which certainly helps to inspire the players to greater heights, or at least turn up for training.

As the big game against The Cobbler's Arms draws ever closer the team are transformed into a lean, mean, rugby league playing team who fear nobody. The big day arrives for Arthur and his team and the match is recreated brilliantly on stage.


Frank Rowley - Kevin Moran
Arthur Hoyle - Mark Newman
Reg Welsh - Dave Pearce
Hazel Scott - Julie Blagrove
Phil Hopley - Stuart Evans
Tony Burtoft - Richard Cannon
Steve Edwards - Bill Robertson

Production team

Director: Marian Newman

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