The History Boys
by Alan Bennett

The History Boys

15/09/11 - 24/09/11

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

In a Northern Town in the late 1980s eight boys are being groomed for Oxbridge. Hector, the eccentric English teacher takes the boys for General Studies but he sees no value in the lessons.

Aware of Hector's opposition the headmaster is reluctant to leave the boys in Hector's hands alone and to complement him he employs Mr Irwin. Mr Irwin is a young History teacher, recently graduated from Oxford, with a unique view on History and how to get into Oxbridge.

As if soaking up Auden and Housman and understanding the causes of the Second World War were not taxing enough the boys have also to try and unravel their emerging sexualities and discover what school, university and education are really about.


Atkins - Andrew Heath
Crowther - Matthew O'Connor
Dakin - Josh Horrocks
Lockwood - Alex Hunt
Posner - Joe Roberts
Rudge - James Ralph
Scripps - Phillip Laing
Timms - Matthew Newman
Hector - Nick Sample
Irwin - Simon Phillips
Headmaster - Andy Jordan
Mrs Lintott - Vanda Hargen

Production team

Director - Ruth Evans
Designer - John McGinn
DSM - Pippa Redmayne
Props - Kirsty Stubbert & Charlotte Rutherford
ASM - Zoey Boyd
Assistant Director - Michael Beigel

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