by David Mamet


20/01/11 - 22/01/11

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

'Oleanna' is a masterpiece of modern theatre from America's greatest living playwright, David Mamet. When it was first performed, in 1992, audiences actually came to blows as they left the theatre. Nearly 20 years later it has lost none of its power - battle lines are drawn; sides are taken.

Although the setting is the apparently innocuous office of an American University lecturer, it becomes as real a battlefield as any other and all the audience can do is sit and watch as the action works towards its horrific and inevitable conclusion.

Mamet's play is now studied as well as watched. It has been made into a film and rightly regarded as a milestone of confrontational theatre. Although in every sense a traditional play it is also inescapably interactive too - it is simply impossible to watch without taking a side.

Production team

Director - Mark Newman
('The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband', 'Breezeblock Park')

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