Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Anthony Hopkins Theatre, Theatr Clwyd

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

14/02/23 - 18/02/23

We're thrilled to be returning to Theatr Clwyd for one more production before the Anthony Hopkins Theatre closes for the refurbishment.

Tip Top's next musical will be more colourful than ever! With music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tells the story of Joseph and his “coat of many colours” with a soundtrack including Any Dream Will Do, Go Go Go Joseph, and Close Every Door.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Cast List



Joseph             -           Jake Bloem

Jacob               -           John Lindop

Pharoah           -           Joel Merry

Narrator          -            Red Team - Sophie Hygate & Abi Hoarty

                                    Blue Team - Annabel Partington-Smith & Holly Wilson

Potiphar           -           Rob Tolefree

Male Ensemble

Reuben            -           Nick Beckwith

Simeon            -           Peter Edwards

Levi                  -           Ewan Griffiths

Naphtali          -           Matthew Taylor

Issachar           -           Sam Eggins

Asher               -           Luke Disley

Dan                  -           Ed Colewell

Zebulun           -           Sam Scheitler

Gad                  -           Tomos Bohanna

Benjamin         -           Calum Craine

Judah               -           Nathan Thompson


Female Ensemble

Reubens Wife             -           Red - Annabel Partington-Smith / Blue - Sophie Hygate

Simeons Wife              -           Joni Rusling

Levis Wife                    -           Kristie Horrocks

Naphtalis Wife            -           Grace Roberts

Issachars Wife             -           Lilly Street

Ashers Wife                 -           Elisha Royle

Dans Wife                   -           Tash Puttick

Zebuluns Wife             -           Grace Sheriff

Gads Wife                   -           Izzie Reid

Benjamins Wife           -           Red - Holly Wilson / Blue - Abi Hoarty

Judahs Wife                -           Jessica Wynne-Jones


Apache Dancer           -           Joni Rusling



Children’s Choir

Red Team

Jemima F, Gwenan T, Eleri T, Eve S, Ariane H, Erin S, Summer M, Ava G-B, Marissa R, Isobel S, Lily P, Lili E, Elen W, Francesca E, Neve T, Lily B, Ellis B, Olivia B, Joseph M, Heidi M, Sienna S, Phoebe C, Elif D, Niamh M, Leo W, Beau J, Evie N, Elisha H

Blue Team

Jasper E, Evie-Grace E, Isla S, Anna M, Martha B, Eve W, Maisie W, Freddie E, Scarlett H, Sophia G, Millie W, Gwen N, Efa J, Ffion R, Catrin W, Ivy W, Connie S-H, Lily R, Bethan D, Alice R, Evie D, Niamh H-P, Emily B, Daniel G, Elis A, Jasmine R, Matilda K, Mia R

The performance schedule for the teams is as follows….

Tuesday 14th Feb - 7.30pm - Red Team

Wednesday 15th Feb - 7.30pm - Blue Team

Thursday 16th Feb - 7.30pm - Blue Team

Friday 17th Feb - 7.30pm - Red Team

Saturday 18th Feb - 2.30pm - Red Team

Saturday 18th Feb - 7.30pm - Blue Team


Director and Choreographer - Rob Stevens

Musical Director - Simon Phillips

Production Co-ordinator - Peter Swingler

Stage Manager - Nick Roberts

Assistant Choreographer - Joni Rusling
Deputy Stage Manager - Harvey Shearer
Wardrobe - Clare Thompson
Props - Fiona Rackham

Go, Go, Go Tip Top you’ve done it again! Tip Top Productions has brought an incredible version of Joseph to Theatr Clwyd and within the first five minutes I know this is going to be something special.

With Direction and Choreography by Rob Stevens, we are treated to a show that would not look out of place on a West End stage and as bold a statement as this may be, this has got to be the best version of this show I have seen. Ever. The direction is clear and precise, bringing out the best in the cast members on the stage, taking us through many emotions and eventually leaving the whole audience on our feet, cheering, clapping, and dancing along. The choreography is incredible. It’s inventive, clean, slick and uses many assorted styles. The cast take hold of every move and deliver it with energy and gusto. A standout part of the choreography comes from Joni Rusling who, with the help of the brothers, delivered a beautiful routine, showing her power, strength, and incredible flexibility.

Musical Director, Simon Philips, has worked magic with this score and together with the cast I witnessed some of the strongest vocals and tightest harmonies I have heard in a long time. The numerous styles in which the songs are delivered is very enjoyable, incorporating the likes of country, Vegas and even French at one point, each song keeping the show hurtling along and keeping us thoroughly entertained.

The narrators and the children’s cast are split in to two over the shows and tonight we have the blue team. The Children’s choir are incredibly talented, giving everything, they have when singing and the little dancing they do yet sit calmly and quietly on the steps when other scenes are going on.

The two Narrators we have this evening are Annabel Partington-Smith and Holly Wilson and the talent that shine from these two is a joy to witness. They hold our attention throughout and deliver phenomenal vocals.

The title role of Joseph is played by the hugely talented Jake Bloem and what a talent Bloem is. He takes us through Joseph’ story with emotion and wit. There are numerous standout moments in this show, but Bloem’s delivery of Close Every Door is powerful, emotional and shows how much range and control he has with his voice.

Joseph’s Brothers are incredible. Each with different strengths, stunning vocals, humour and wit.

Joel Merry as Pharoah may only be on stage for a short amount of time but the hold he has over the audience this evening is incredible. With Elvis like vocals and moves, it is perfect.

The set from Scenic Projects is very well used, with moving staircases and walls which turn in to doors, all quite simple but ever so effective. The costuming is beautiful and so right for the show. Joseph’s Coat is stunning, both versions. Well done to Claire Thompson.

Lighting by David Powell is just wonderful. Bringing the whole story to life, it is clever and effective but the way it is used during Joseph’s Coat blew my mind a little, with a colour change on every colour sung, it must have taken a huge amount of programming, but it is hugely appreciated and takes the whole piece up a level. The lighting in Close Every Door is another standout piece. Sound by Tom Maurice is fantastic with every word being heard, great levels and makes for an enjoyable listen, even if the Overture did seem a tad deafening at first. The band sounded fantastic and having such a sizable band playing live makes an enormous difference to the quality of the piece.

It is incredible to see theatre thriving in places and with a sold out show tonight and most definitely a sold-out run, Tip Top have done what they do best and bring top quality theatre to local theatre.

Running until Saturday 18th February 2023, for returns

Reviewer Damian Riverol

Reviewed: 16th February 2023

North west End UK Rating: FIVE STARS

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