Funny Peculiar

Funny Peculiar

10/05/12 - 19/05/12

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

Trevor Tinsley is not a happy man. He has a lovely devoted wife, Irene. A new baby daughter, Glenda. A nice little grocery shop to call his own.

But Trevor isn't happy. He feels the modern world has passed him by. To be exact, he feels that the Sexual Revolution has given him a miss.

He keeps reading about free love but he can't quite find out where it's happening. He's certainly looked everywhere for it.

And then into his life comes Shirley Smith. Young, beautiful and more than willing to help him search for it!

It's also about a middle aged lady with a simple son who sees a naked man and gets a rash. And a gay vicar who
denies it. And a copper: he's not getting much satisfaction either. And a baker who gets his cream puffs crushed. And a driving instructor who gets even more crushed-on a gear lever (a good argument for automatics). And a frog that gets trodden on. And then what might be a happy ending - in a hospital ward.

Reviews and Quotes

I remember the first time I read that play. I was travelling from London back to Liverpool and I read it on the train. I disgraced myself, I was roaring with laughter and I got off the train and rang Mike Stott's agent and said: "I'm going to cancel the next but one play and do Funny Peculiar.
Alan Dossor, director of 1st production Radio 4, 2004

This is Coronation Street with an X-certificate - and some of the comedy would turn Ena's hairnet blue - it's a lot funnier and more truthful than a TV version of North Country life.
Patrick O'Neill, Daily Mail 31/1/75

Funny Peculiar is an hilarious' side splitting play that will have audiences rocking. If you are easily offended then this is not the show for you as the language is strong in parts but perfectly in context and...the actor playing Trevor will need to bare all in a solo scene.

Please note this play contains strong language and one scene of male nudity

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Trevor Tinsley- Paul Quinn
Irene -Julie Blagrove
Stanley -Jamie Ablett
Mrs Baldry - Fiona Grant
Harry Asquith - Steve Lancashire
Rev Thwaite - Eric Jones
Desmond - Simon Phillips
Eric Smith - Richard Taylor
Shirley Smith - Rachel Sumner
Shane Pritchard- Eric Jones

Production team

Director: Peter Swingler
Asst. Director-Brian Fray
ASM-Oliver Price
Props Sheila Roberts/Muriel Jennings
Lighting-Ian Jones
Sound-Gary-Gareth Roberts
Set Design-Andrew Roberts

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