When We Are Married
by JB Priestley

When We Are Married

03/04/14 - 12/04/14

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

JB Priestley's gloriously timeless traditional British comedy about class and hypocrisy.

Set in 1908 in Clecklewyke in the heart of Northern England, three well-to-do West Yorkshire couples - the Parkers, Soppitts and Helliwells - married on the same day, at the same church, and by the same vicar, join to celebrate 25 years of blissful matrimony.

Disaster strikes with the shocking revelation that the vicar who married them wasn't actually licensed - these pillars of the church and the community, aren't as respectably married as they thought they were! Home truths fly like confetti ...


Joseph Helliwell - Dave Perkins
Maria Helliwell - Janice Gavin
Albert Parker - Bill Hughes
Annie Parker - Gwen Cowan
Herbert Soppitt - Derek Weigh
Clara Soppitt - Janice Fryett
Henry Ormonroyd - John Lindop
Rev Clement Mercer - Grahame Smith
Gerard Forbes - Dan Ellis
Fred Dyson - Peter Marnell
Ruby Birtle - Vicki Daniels
Lottie Grady - Jo Lloyd
Mrs Northrop - Maureen Rutherford
Nancy - Harriet Jones

Production team

Director - Peter Swingler
Asst. Director - Andy Jordan
Set Design - Andrew Roberts
ASM - Abbie Taylor/Chrissy Clegg