The Golden Pathway Annual
presented by Theatretrain

The Golden Pathway Annual

16/02/10 - 19/02/10

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

Pupils from Theatretrain Schools in Wrexham and Chester present the play that is a series of connected sketches following the life of Michael Peters from the age of 2 to 23. It is a nostalgic look back at the period from the end of the second World War to the 1960's, but it is much more than that.
For some it will evoke nostalgic memories of the era in which it is set, but everyone will identify with the timeless and universal struggles of growing up: it is an enterprise of self-knowledge both painful and funny. For Michael Peters the Golden Pathway Annual seems to be the perfect companion, but as he grows up he discovers the many contradictions that can wear out a grown up person.