Talking Heads
by Alan Bennett

Talking Heads

12/05/16 - 21/05/16

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

The Talking Heads monologues are poignant, hilarious, sometimes sad, occasionally uplifting, and they all showcase Alan Bennett's powers of observation, comic timing and exquisite turn of phrase. Bennett may be regarded as a national treasure but the cosiness of that tag belies the darker, harsher, more satirically barbed nature of his work. Here we present: A Lady of Letters: Irene Ruddock's mother died some years ago and she lives alone. A one-woman Neighbourhood Watch scheme, her habit of writing letters to the appropriate authorities gets ridiculously out of hand. A Chip in the Sugar: Devoted son Graham's life is turned upside down when a man from mother's past shows up and deigns to entertain them in a tearoom. A Woman of No Importance: At work Peggy has carved herself a comfortable niche. Once in hospital, she loses no time in establishing herself as Queen Bee, taking on several responsibilities. Persistently cheerful, blind to the feelings of others and, at heart, terribly lonely,


Woman of No Importance
Peggy Schofield -Janice Fryett

A Chip in the Sugar
Graham Whittaker -Mike Deakin

A Lady of Letters
Irene Ruddock -Sally Dillon

Production team

Director: Andy Jordan