by Aphra Behn


05/05/17 - 06/05/17

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

PurpleCoat Theatre Company is a Visiting Company

Supported by Stephen Fry, Judi Dench and the RSC, PurpleCoat present the rip-roaring, swashbuckling ride through the carnival of Spain and the pirates prepared to go to any length to win the women. After their sell-out Breezeblock Park brought the Christmas cheer to Chester in December, get in the Pirates of the Caribbean spirit and follow the adventure of the duplicitous pirate Wilmore and his drunken, failed attempts to bed every woman in Spain. This hilarious slap-stick production will be an all singing, all dancing celebration of Britain’s first professional female playwright, supported by ArtsCouncil England. 

‘​☆☆☆☆☆’ Liverpool Echo, British Theatre Guide, Reviews Hub, Liverpool Sound and Vision, Observer Ireland ‘​One of the greatest performances in recent memory ​ ’ Observer Ireland ‘​This production is an absolute delight ​ ’ Liverpool Echo