Our Day Out
by Willy Russell

Our Day Out

16/05/17 - 20/05/17

Venue: Theatr Clwyd

"The skill and zest of the show... derive from its success in following the adult argument while preserving all the fun of a story mainly played by children... I have rarely seen a show that combined such warmth and such bleakness." The Times

Sad, funny, humorous and true to life, Willy Russell's play for television was adapted for the stage in 1983 and given lively, exuberant songs to supplement the action. It tells the story of a bunch of underprivileged, remedial schoolchildren who are taken on a day's outing by their teachers - liberalist Mrs Kay who just wants the kids to have a "good time" and authoritarian Briggs who is concerned that there should be a more educational purpose. The children boisterously rampage through a roadside cafe, a zoo, Conway Castle and a beach. A joyous celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up and being free from school, but also a sharp pointer to the depressing present and empty future for these comprehensive no-hopers, for whom a day out is a much as they can expect. 


Mrs Kay - Rachel Sumner
Briggs - Bill Robertson
Susan - Annie Howarth
Colin - Des Hinks
Ronnie the Driver - John Lindop
Les/Headmaster/Zookeeper/Shopkeeper - Steve Lancashire

Carol - Rhianna Goodwin
Reilly - Finn Hibbert
Digga - Jack Parry
Linda - Brogan Craine
Jackie - Paige Abbate
Andrews - Jack Marsh
Ronson - Ben Rackham
Little Kid - ToriTaylor
Maurice - Joe Sanderson
Milton - Ioan O'Neill
Bored Girls - Anya Davies & Ellison Roberts

The Progress Class - Abi McCarville, Alayna Hughes, Calum Craine, Ellie Brickland, Isabella Davies, Joe Mears, Kitty Reader, Lily Rackham, Lucy McCarthy, Mary Leonard, Oliver Davies, Sophie Sterry & Ted Howarth

Production team

Director & Musical Director - Simon Phillips
Asst. Director & Asst. Musical Director - Luke Disley
Production Manager & Head Chaperone - Janice Craine
Production Asst., Chaperone & Children's Licensing - Lesley Lett

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