Once A Catholic
by Mary O'Malley

Once A Catholic

18/09/14 - 27/09/14

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

The play is set in the Convent of Our Lady of Fatima - a Grammar School for Girls, in and around the streets of Willesden from September 1956, to July, 1957. It traces the sexual awakening of three schoolgirls growing up in London just before the 1960s .The girls' sheltered existence in their strict convent school leaves them unprepared to deal with the discovery of men and lust; and the nuns aim to beat the sin out of them before they've even had a chance to discover what sin is. The sisters at Our Lady of Fatima preach chastity and diligence as the swinging sixties approach. Final exams loom. The day of reckoning is nigh. But for the girls in class 5A, their last year in uniform is set to be one of discovery of the less holy kind… A riotous comedy directed by Peter Swingler and it is the first play of our new season and will be performed in the Forum Studio Theatre from Thursday 18 -27 September. Warning: the play contains some strong language


Mother Peter -Jan Gavin

Mother Basil -Uná Meehan

Mother Thomas Aquinas -Heather Ramsay

Mary O Grady-Ailis Duggan

Mary McGinty -Elen-Haf Taylor

Mary Gallagher - Natalie Wright

Mary Mooney - Emma Humphreys

Mary Hennessy - Harriet Jones

Mary Flanagan-Katie Barker

Father Mullarkey -Michael Gallagher

Mr Emanuelli -Kevin Keegan

Derek - James Radhi

Cuthbert-Charley Mortimer

Production team

Director-Peter Swingler
Asst. Director-Andy Jordan
ASM Book-Francis Salvi
ASM Stage-Vicki Hussey
ASM props-Colleen Phillips
Set originally designed-John McGinn
Set recreated and built-Nick Roberts
Lighting-Ollie Price
Sound-Thomas Smeatham
Wardrobe-Sheila Roberts and Claire Roberts