by Chalice Media Ltd



Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

In an uncertain, dystopian future where brutality, extortion and physical might regularly triumph over reason, compassion and any sense of justice, the Warlords, Thanes and self-appointed Kings of long fallen nations battle for control.  Alliances are hard-won; forged with distrust and more likely to break than bend. One of the few territories to find stability and something like civil law and order is the district which has come to be known as Scotland.  When whispers that Duncan, the Thane-appointed King of Scotland, plans to announce his eldest son, Malcolm, as his heir apparent - in direct opposition to council law and tradition - the worst civil war in centuries threatens to engulf all of Scotland and beyond as the Thane of Cawdor joins forces with a fearsome group of mercenaries called the Norsemen. Fortunately for Duncan, the rebels are swiftly put down; due largely to the tactical efforts of brothers-in-arms Macbeth and Banquo. But, when night falls and all is not quite as it seems, something ancient and evil threatens the souls of mankind once more.  As King Duncan travels towards Macbeth's ancestral home, Silè Macbeth becomes increasingly agitated (and not solely due to the letter she has received from her husband regarding a strange encounter on the road). She and Duncan have an uncomfortable and secret personal history that she will not allow to be relived or revisited. Devoted to her husband and burdened with past knowledge and grief, she prepares to welcome the King of Scotland into her home... for the last time.

'Something wicked this way comes!'