James Phelan - Trickster

James Phelan - Trickster


Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

James Phelan presents a night of light-hearted, prank-focused magic: utilising audience participation to comic effect. Described by the Radio Times as having a "cheeky charm" the show is presented through this personality and is both jaw-dropping and laugh-out-loud funny.

Nephew of the late Paul Daniels, James has been storming it online in the past 12 months whilst gaining a lot of traction in the national press. Having toured as part of a troup in 2016, James brings you his own brand new one-man show 'Trisckster.'

"He was extraordinary" - Amanda Holden

"This guy is a legend" - The Sun newspaper

"You are really good, That was incredible. maybe magic exists." - Simon Cowell

"Without a doubt, one of the most exciting new acts of the year." - The Princess Trust