Hurricane Hill

Hurricane Hill


Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

Hurricane Hill is original new drama from the pen of Chris Leicester whose plays have been performed since 1998. The production is very strong on story and has great performances by members of professional company, Storm Theatre.   Hurricane Hill and the worst storm in years....... At the isolated house of a famous recluse a stranger arrives, and a past will finally be faced. Which life is more valuable; that of a child or a brother-in-arms? Given the regiment he was in, what Paul Glover had to do that night in Afghanistan might just have passed for the ordinary, but lurking in the shadows, life had dealt its hand and now suddenly the weight of his actions would materialise - with utterly destructive consequences.


“Powerful, unsettling drama… A fine, thought provoking play. Catch it on tour if you can.” Remotegoat 26/9/15


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