Fawlty Towers 2014

Fawlty Towers 2014

12/05/14 - 25/05/14

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

Fawlty Towers is one of the best-known, and most-loved, TV series from the halcyon days of British comedy - the 1970s. The three episodes featured this time are: Waldorf Salad, The Psychiatrist and Kippers.


Basil - Dhugal Fulton
Sybil - Alison Pritchard
Manuel - Andy Jordan
Polly - Zoey Boyd
Terry, Mr Zebedee and Dr Abbot - Matthew Richards
Major Gowen - Mike Heathcote
Miss Tibbs - Jinny Owen
Miss Gatsby - Christina Anglesea
Mrs Abbott, Mrs Arrad & Miss Young - Catherine Bryant
Mrs Johnstone & Mrs Chase - Pat Cameron
Raylene & Guest - Leah Bell
Mrs Johnson & Miss Hare - Fiona Paterson
Girlfriend - Rebecca Carpenter
Mr Libson, Mr Ingrams & Man - Dave Pearce
Mrs Hamilton - Pat Pearce
Mr Hamilton - Kevin Keegan
Mrs White - Muriel Jennings
Miss Gurke - Pippa Redmayne
Dr Price and Mr Arrad - Steven Lancashire
Mr White and Mr Johnstone - Rob Turner
Mr Leeman - Francis Salvi
Mr Johnson - Anthony Ward

Production team

Director - Sally Anglesea
Production Manager - Brian Fray
DSM - Abbie Taylor
Set Designer - Ollie Price
ASM - Rebecca Carpenter
Wardrobe - Sheila Roberts