Elsie & Norms Macbeth
presented by Stageworks

Elsie & Norms Macbeth

25/05/11 - 28/05/11

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

by John Christopher Wood.
This hilarious family comedy is sure to have Shakespeare spinning in his grave!

Tired of playing Trivial Pursuit and watching Coronation Street, Elsie and Norm have decided to have a go at a bit of culture by staging a production of Macbeth in their very own living-room. After a spot of judicious re-writing by Norm - fresh from his literary endeavours for the Pigeon Breeders Gazette - to make it snappier and more punchy, and undaunted by the large cast, Elsie and Norm set out to perform 'one of the greatest pieces of literature what has ever been wrote in the English Language!!!' They play all the characters between them - that is except for Banquo and his son Fleance, who are played by Pandas in kilts!