Breezeblock Park
by Willy Russell

Breezeblock Park

20/11/08 - 29/11/08

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

Breezeblock Park tells the story of a typical Liverpool family, together on Christmas Eve among the tinsel and fairy lights to celebrate the festivities. However, beneath the surface of their Christmas cheer are jealousies, quarrels... and a secret. As the alcohol begins to flow, tongues loosen and a certain piece of news threatens to tear the family apart. This is one of Willy Russell's finest comedies and should get everyone in the mood to enjoy Christmas.
Breezeblock Park was originally produced at the Everyman in 1975, with a cast that included Julie Walters and Pete Postlethwaite. It was a sell-out success; and again when it was recently revived in Liverpool.


Betty Gail Young

Syd Richard Taylor

Vera Marian Newman

Tommy Kevin Moran

Reeny Sally Dillon

Ted Stuart Evans

John Richard Cannon

Sandra Julie Andrew

Tim Lee Randle

Production team

Director Mark Newman
Set Designer Matt Yeoman


Comments from Members of SocialMix

What the members say….
My first visit to the Forum Theatre. A small theatre, but what a play! Very funny and well acted. I'm sure that the audience identified with some of the things the characters were saying - either from their own families or families that they know. I'd highly recommend this play. Nice to see a couple of new faces there too.

Classic Willy Russell play that has stood the test of time. Took me right back to the seventies. Do hope that the Gateway re-opens and we get some more good theatre. Good event and nice to catch up again with everyone.

Wasnt sure what to expect as have not been to the Gateway since it closed. We all met up in the bar ( surprise surprise!) Once we all had our drinks we made our way down to try and get seats together. And I do mean DOWN!!!
Through a maze of steps and corridors which actually went behind the stage, we found ourselves in the 'basement' studio. But it was very cosy! We all spent some time remeiniscing about the set and the props ( all very 70's)- the lava lamps, the Dralon suite, the garish wallpaper and the'Diddy' David Hamilton picture on an album on the sideboard!
The play itself was brilliant Willy Russell look at family life in Liverpool on the 70's and the actors portayed the characters really well especially some of the 'scouse' accents and gestures.
Good value for money and will definitely book for more there.