Bouncers (Remix)

Bouncers (Remix)

07/08/24 - 10/08/24

Wednesday 7th August -Saturday 10th August 2024 (2 shows)

Performances at Garret Theatre, Storyhouse, Chester

Contains strong language and adult themes

We know that in 2017 we said “Definitely the last time; and we said it the time before; and the time before that but really this is the last time …(well, possibly)… that we will present the award winning comedy “Bouncers” which has played to capacity audiences each time.

Bouncers was first performed in 1983 by the Hull Truck Theatre Company, and has undergone a number of enhancements since. It is bursting with imagination, wit and furious pace. The four actors’ ‘main’ characters are nightclub bouncers, but they portray over twenty different characters in rapid succession, all carefully observed but ultimately fast, slick and funny. The play presents the hilarious and serious sides of a night on the town – from brassy girls with attitude to unbridled lads on the pull preparing for the big night, from the pub to the dance floor and other points between

Lucky Eric    Mike Kelsall 

Ralph          Neil Mason 

Les              Rob Tempest 

Judd            Andy Jordan 

Director: Peter Swingler

Choreographer and DSM: Rob Stevens

Wardrobe: Hannah Liggins

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