Bothered and Bewildered
by Gail Young

Bothered and Bewildered

14/10/14 - 18/10/14

Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre

'Bothered and Bewildered' premiered in a sell out run in October 2014 at the Forum Studio Theatre in Chester as a fund raising production to enhance care for patients with Dementia at both the Countess of Chester and Ellesmere Port Hospitals. The production raised over £6000 in total
This is a play about life, love and loss - and Barbara Cartland! Irene and her two middle aged daughters Beth and Louise struggle to come to terms with her Alzheimer's, and Irene's past passion for romantic fiction blurs with reality as she discusses with her unseen companion Barbara Cartland (Irene's favourite and now deceased world famous romantic novelist) how best to write her memory book. Past memories and a long hidden secret come to the fore, and we see a side to Irene that her family did not know existed. The play is a poignant and comic look at what some experts have described as 'the long goodbye'. To see an informal interview with Gail during rehearsals in 2014 see


Irene - Julia Bona
Beth - Eileen Reisins
Louise - Alison Pritchard
Barbara Cartland - Tiz Corcoran
NHS Consultant - Catherine Bryant
Community Bobby - Neil Mason

Dual role:
Jim / James - Ally Goodman
Young Irene / Shelley - Leah Bell

Production team

Writer & Director - Gail Young

Assistant Directors - Alison Pritchard & Joanne Rymer

Producer - Brian Fray

Lighting - Mark Shenton

Sound - Abbie Taylor

Props - Annette Clemence

Set Artwork - Pippa Redmayne

Costumes - Sally Dillon

Photography - Terry Marland

Choreography - Nick Leeson / Swingstompers

Publicity - Dave and Pat Pearce (Tip Top) and Angie Lopez (Countess of Chester Fundraising Office)