12 Miles From Nowhere
Action Transport Theatre

12 Miles From Nowhere


Venue: The Forum Studio Theatre


Since Michael and Emily's mum left the farm, it is as if time has stopped. But when an outsider walks onto the farm, with a security tag on his jeans and enough charm to bring the birds down from the trees, their lives are split wide open.

'12 Miles from Nowhere' is a modern myth - a story of immense theatricality and beauty. It is a tense thriller set amongst green fields.

Action Transport Theatre, turning '25 Years Young' this year, brings you a powerful and visual production, performed by an exceptional cast (Sarah Calver, Freddie Machin, Tom Tunstall and Ben Worth).

12 Miles from Nowhere is collectively written by Sarah Calver, Doug Crossley, Freddie Machin, Ben Worth, and Kevin Dyer.

Audience feedback from a rehearsed reading of the play in October 2010:

"Thoroughly enjoyed the play. Edge of your seat stuff." - Audience Member, 12 Miles from Nowhere, read-through October 2010