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Ladies in Lavender

May 8th-11th 2019

The Forum Studio Theatre

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Adapted for the stage by Shaun McKenna. Based on the film written and directed by Charles Dance, from a shrot story by William J. Locke.

Ladies in Lavender takes us to Cornwall just prior to the Second World War, where we meet two single sisters, Ursula and Janet Wittington living a genteel life in their seaside cottage. Things change when Andrea, a Polish violinist is mysteriously found washed up on their beach.  Andrea develops genuine affection for the sisters who rescue him. But, his presence provokes rivalry between the siblings. Ursula and Janet show how the years roll away with the young man's presence. Janet, is the obvious leader of the two whilst Ursula is comparatively naive. The sisters convey undercurrents of emotion in subtle ways despite nursing Andrea to health and teaching him some English. Then Olga, a Russian appears, and she, too, casts her spell. The local doctor however has designs on her. Add Dorcus, the housekeeper to the mix with her straight talking and comic genius and you have a Cornish cream tea of a play, but will the cream be clotted or curdled?

Production Team:
Director: Phil Edwards

Thank you to everyone who attended initial auditions. We still have one or two roles to cast so please get in touch f any of the roles interest you: Phil Edwards: "I hear it said there are no good roles for ladies of a certain age – well look out because here are three in one play! The other three characters require charismatic actors to inhabit them too." JANET WIDDINGTON, the more worldly of the two sisters. Age anywhere between 50 – 60. USULA WIDDINGTON, naïve and the more innocent one. Age anywhere between 50 – 60. DORCAS. The housekeeper who knows no boundaries! A feisty woman of indeterminate age but similar to the sisters. Cornish as a cream tea! ANDREA MAROWSKI, Polish violinist with boyish good looks but actually somewhere between 25 35. Dr Mead, The local GP who helps look after Andrea. He has an old fashioned charm but the worm does turn. Between 45 – 60. Olga Danilof, A mysterious visitor who has to navigate the suspicions of the sisters and the advances of Dr Mead. Age between 25 – 35 needs to provide a convincing "east European" accent without being like a "b" movie spy!!! Contact philip.edwards50@ntlworld.com for more information or to register your interest.

Times & Tickets:
Evenings at 7.30pm.
Saturday matine 2.30pm.
Tickets from £7

Tel 01244 341296

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