Thanks to our founder Peter Swingler

(Posted on 29/08/18)

  Thanks to our founder Peter SwinglerAt the AGM in June our founder Peter Swingler decided to hand over the challenging role of Chairman to Brian Fray. Let’s be clear Peter is going nowhere and still remains actively involved in the company he founded back in 1989 and will continue as a member of the Board. Peter just felt the time was right to step aside and give an opportunity to the new Board to continue his legacy and move Tip Top Productions forward in this ever changing society we live in. The transition was meticulously planned and Peter supported Brian through an 8 month period to ensure the handover was as smooth as possible. Peter came up with the idea of a company who would open their arms to everyone with an interest in theatre back in 1989 in a hotel room in Euston. He was frustrated that many amateur groups were a closed shop and wanted to create a production company where every audition was open and gave opportunity to anyone who wanted to be involved in theatre both on and off stage. And that is exactly what he did. Tip Top productions are recognised today as one of the leading amateur theatre companies in the country and that is all to do with the formula Peter insisted on being at the core of our ethics. He was recognised for his services to the community with an OBE in 2009. An accolade testament to the wonderful community he has created since that idea came to him back in 1989. Since inception Tip Top have performed over 170 productions and continue to strive to offer more opportunities each year. Not only do we offer an open door policy but we ensure the standard of our productions are first class. Something we achieve and maintain year after year with that Tip Top magic. The continual five star reviews from our audiences are testament to that. And Peter’s pantomimes continue to bring in and excite thousands of people every year. It is fitting that our last show under Peter’s tenure as Chairman, Priscilla, encapsulated everything that Tip Top Productions is about. A magnificent show artistically which delighted our ‘sell out’ audiences and a sixty strong cast and crew all working joyously together to create what was simply a wonderful theatre experience. Easily one of the best ‘all round’ productions Tip Top have created. Peter will be an incredibly difficult act to follow and on behalf of everyone at Tip Top we would like to thank Peter for his hard work and passion over the last 29 years in creating and developing our wonderful company. If it wasn’t for him then you wouldn’t be reading this now. His legacy is why we all enjoy being part of a community who share the common interest of theatre. But let’s just be clear one more time. Peter is still very much part of his company and will be making sure that the new team are kept in line and don’t ever stray from his ethics and reasons for creating our truly remarkable community of people - Tip Top Productions. Thanks for giving us this Peter, The Tip Top Board