Open Audition Opportunity

(Posted on 26/06/18)

Open Audition Opportunity
A brand new comedy drama written and directed by playwright GAIL YOUNG. 
17 - 20th October 2018 at the Forum Studio Theatre


Date: Sunday 5th August 
Venue: Forum Studio Theatre
Time: 11am  - 1pm

Gail Young's latest comedy drama addresses the growing social phenomenon known as 'Silver Splitters'. They are Britain's hottest new demographic trend - retired divorcees. Come and join Jill and Andy as they navigate their way through the minefield of emotions produced by thirty odd years of so called wedded bliss ending in divorce. Not a pretty sight, but funny in oh so many ways............ 


Jill - main female character. Married to Andy. Playing age late 50's - early 60's

Andy - main male character. Married to Jill. Playing age late 50's  -early 60's

Shelley - Jill's sister. Playing age early to mid 50's
Barbara - Jill's friend. Playing age late 50's
Susan - Jill's friend. Playing age late 50's - early 60's

Tina - the 'other woman'. Playing age 50's

Jim - Jill and Andy's son. Playing age mid 20's

Mediator/ Solicitor/ Man in Pub/ various other 'extra' roles - I man and 1 woman - playing age thirties.

Audition pieces will be handed out 'on the day' for folk to read and digest before auditioning.

This is a work in progress, offering talented and adventurous actors the opportunity to be part of a brand new full length stage play.

All interested folk can contact Gail direct at

And you can see examples of her work to date at