Auditions & Opportunities

Tip Top welcomes anyone to try out/audition for parts in any of our productions.

All our auditions are fair; in fact a committee member will normally attend as an independent observer. You don’t have to be a member to audition but you will be required to join if you are successfully cast in a part. Membership details will be available during the audition.

So what are you waiting for? Look at the list below and email the director of any show you are interested in.

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Charley's Aunt

Audition Date: 28th January 7pm. Director: Gemma Richards. Charley’s Aunt: Jack Chesney and Charley Wykeham are two Oxford Undergraduates; hapless at life and hopeless in love! Jack loves Kitty Verdun and Charley loves Amy Spettigue; but the course of true love never did run smooth. In an attempt to impress, the boys invite the ladies to meet Charley's exotic and wealthy aunt Donna Lucia, who comes from Brazil, "where the nuts come from". But when Donna Lucia cancels her visit at the last minute, the boys turn in desperation to their flamboyant yet feckless friend Lord Fancourt Babberley; who with the aid of a rather fetching frock and wig, makes for a very convincing dowager aunt. All proceeds well, especially for Babbs who enjoys the affection and confidences of the young ladies, until the real Donna Lucia appears. A fundamentally farcical concoction of deception, mistaken identity and indecent proposals ensures that chaos and hilarity ensues for all concerned. Brandon Thomas’ classic farce is one of the great plays of the English Stage. Fresh from a West End revival, this is a wonderful slice of life in a bygone age, as fast and funny today as it was on its debut 125 years ago. CAST Stephen Spettigue – 50+ Uncle of Amy, guardian of Kitty, and the story's villain. Colonel Sir Francis Chesney – 50+ Father of Jack Chesney. Jack Chesney – 18-25 Oxford undergraduate, in love with Kitty. Charles Wykeham – 18-25 Oxford undergraduate, in love with Amy. Lord Fancourt Babberley – 25-30 Undergraduate pulled unwillingly into Jack and Charley's scheme. Brassett -30+ Jack Chesney's valet. Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez - 50+ Charley's aunt from Brazil. Amy Spettigue – 17+ Stephen Spettigue's young niece. Kitty Verdun – 17+ Stephen Spettigue's young ward. Ela Delahay - 17+ Orphaned young woman accompanying Donna Lucia (loved by Lord Fancourt). The ages of characters for this production are flexible; the above are for advisory purposes only. For further details please email Gemma Richards on

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7pm 23rd January. Lead roles: Steve - Playing age 25-35 An erratic womaniser with the compromise of a politically correct weasel, which helps him believe he's a decent chap. Always tries to be the voice of reason talking to his mates over a pint, but more often than not he stumbles in to more complex and ridiculous situations than any of them. Susan - Playing age 25-35 A successful career woman who takes her work life very seriously. Usually very sensible and organised, a fact often resented by her friends. She can also be very insecure and often takes this out on others. Jeff - Playing age 25-35 Best friend to Steve. Full of sexual frustration often telling ridiculous stories and fantasies about women and sex. Jeff is terrible at talking to women, often stumbling and unintentionally making up lie upon lie in an attempt to avoid looking stupid. (Welsh accent preferred but not essential) Sally - Playing age 25-35 Best friend to Susan. Sally is a successful business woman and owns her own beauty parlour. She is the most insecure and resentful of the group. Sally is obsessed with her own appearance and constantly worries about the effects aging and life in general has on her looks. Her paranoia tends to make her out as a very mean spirited woman. Patrick - Playing age 25-35 Although a competitive and successful businessman, Patrick has a one-track mind: sex. This gives him a very narrow view of women, but he is great at dating them. He speaks without thinking, often giving the impression he is rather dense. His nickname is "Tripod" for obvious reason. Jane - Playing age 25-35 Jane is a histrionic. She is incredibly self-obsessed and very possessive. She has a problem talking to men, often coming on much too strong and appearing desperate or rude to others in her pursuit of a man. Her character also seems not to be too bright, perhaps even disturbed but in reality she is very clever and manipulative. Other characters Jill - Playing age 25-35 (possibly older) Jill is Jane's therapist whom Jane constantly tries to manipulate. Well spoken, stern. The Woman - Playing age 25 - 35 A very attractive foreign woman whom Jeff tries to talk to in the bar. She doesn't speak a word of English but is very seductive nonetheless. Alice - Playing age 25-35 'The Woman's' interpreter. Protective of The Woman and standoff-ish. However, lightens up when she thinks love is on the cards. Email for an audition pack.

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Ladies in Lavender

Auditions take place on Tuesday, 29th January at 7pm. Phil Edwards: "I hear it said there are no good roles for ladies of a certain age – well look out because here are three in one play! The other three characters require charismatic actors to inhabit them too." JANET WIDDINGTON, the more worldly of the two sisters. Age anywhere between 50 – 60. USULA WIDDINGTON, naïve and the more innocent one. Age anywhere between 50 – 60. DORCAS. The housekeeper who knows no boundaries! A feisty woman of indeterminate age but similar to the sisters. Cornish as a cream tea! ANDREA MAROWSKI, Polish violinist with boyish good looks but actually somewhere between 25 35. Dr Mead, The local GP who helps look after Andrea. He has an old fashioned charm but the worm does turn. Between 45 – 60. Olga Danilof, A mysterious visitor who has to navigate the suspicions of the sisters and the advances of Dr Mead. Age between 25 – 35 needs to provide a convincing "east European" accent without being like a "b" movie spy!!! Contact for more information or to register your interest.

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Silly Cow

Auditions will be 22nd January at 7pm, and rehearsals will start in February 2019. At this stage, to register your interest in receiving more information when it is available, please email the director, Simon Phillips, at The production will be set, as written, in London in 1991. CHARACTERS: DORIS (female, 35-45): Lead. Doris is larger than life. She is the epitome of money can't buy taste or class. She has made quite a name for herself as a gossip columnist and "reviewer" of plays and movies. Her articles are nasty and mean-spirited, all in an attempt to sensationalise any piece of potential news and gain readers. She firmly believes that she has worked hard to get to the top of her industry and deserves to be famous and have all the trappings of a wealthy and fabulous lifestyle. Doris dresses head to toe in sequins, glitter and feathers. SIDNEY(male, 35-45): Lead. In many ways Sidney is Doris' equal. He is also a gossip columnist and has as nasty a sense of humour as Doris. However, he is far less ostentatious if still on the greasy and unpleasant side. He has a keen sense for the business side of running a newspaper or magazine and is trying to poach Doris from her current job to work for the new online magazine he is setting up. PEGGY (female, 25-35): Support. Peggy is Doris' personal assistant. She is the opposite of Doris in almost every way – far quieter, conservative in her dress and manner, and a little on the mousey side. Peggy does have a certain strength to her character as she is sure of her duties and protective over Doris when others attack her character. DOUGLAS (male, 35-50): Support. Douglas is the nerdy accountant complete with tweedy jacket and large, scuffed briefcase. He is very good at what he does and enjoys the position of trust and authority that he has. For some reason, he seems to have a slight soft spot for Doris. EDUARDO (male, 20-25): Support. Eduardo is the cocky, young, toy boy dating Doris. He is a typical London yob and thinks that he is the coolest person in any room. He is dating Doris because of the clubs she can get him into and Doris is dating him to look cool and young by association.