Auditions & Opportunities

Tip Top welcomes anyone to try out/audition for parts in any of our productions.

All our auditions are fair; in fact a committee member will normally attend as an independent observer. You don’t have to be a member to audition but you will be required to join if you are successfully cast in a part. Membership details will be available during the audition.

So what are you waiting for? Look at the list below and email the director of any show you are interested in.

Production Poster

Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting on A Green Park Bench

Auditions take palce at the Forum Studio Theatre. 7pm on 22nd May. Audition ages for the 5 women are 50-70. In the first half, they will be obviously older women who in the second half are transformed through make-up in the interval to the best versions of themselves:- LA LA, from the Bronx, semi-famous cabaret singer many years ago. She sings the only song in the show. Not necessarily a wonderful singing voice but she must think she has! ROSIE, spinster of Irish descent, lived a ‘secret life’ in Brooklyn. EVA, high society New Yorker, who is a wealthy widow with no children. GLADYS, separated from her husband after many years when he went into a rest home. Mother and Grandmother. ANNA, New York Italian, whose husband and 4 children are dead, leaving her alone with her shopping trolley. Other parts: SHIRLEY, playing age 30-40, only in second half but vital to one of the ladies’ stories. THE MAN - Young, good looking, aged 20- 30, vital to another of the ladies and is only in at the end of Act 1 although will be an observer in Act 2. Only in Act 2 are:- TUFFY - playing age 35-50, vital to another of the ladies. MARVIN - playing age 35-50, vital to another of the ladies. NUNCIO - playing age 35-50; vital to another of the ladies. RICHARD - playing age 35-50, vital to another of the ladies. Audition pieces for the five ladies is the whole of Act 1 - will be workshopping on the first half of the auditions with these. The men and Shirley will be The whole of Act 2 script - will be workshopping this in second half of auditions. Be prepared for long audition process on the day. Directed by Chris Dukes, Director of Girls Night Out, Brassed Off, Misery, Stags and Hens, and Shirley Valentine for Tip Top, rehearsals will begin in May to allow for some disruption in the summer as the show goes on in August . All interested parties can get the appropriate acts from Leighton Williams by email: